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Data Migration, Recovery and Backup are all part of the data process. Rockwell Technology is your experienced professional data migration specialist.


Data Migration 

Where to Start?

Data Migration is a specialized process. Rockwell.Technology treats your data as if its data gold and handles it with the utmost of care. When getting a qoute, we will need your database size, and where your data currently is, and where you need it to be.

Do not know what data you have? No problem! Rockwell.Technology will help you out right away to get to the scope of your project. Whether is SQL, MS-SQL, Email data, or any other data, we have likely handled it before and can do it for you.

Changing Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)? We can help with that too. Rockwell.Technology has done that before successfully.


Data Size and Data Type?

Professional Experience 12+ Years

Successful Experience with Your Migration

CRM, EMAIL, SQL, MS-SQL, EMAIL Migration Success

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Need Data Recovery?

With over 12+ Years data recovery experience, we are sure to help you get your data back. Rockwell.Technology will do all we can to try and get your data back. We have a track record of 80% recovery rate so far usually working with personal computer hard drives recovering photo’s and documents.

Have a special case? Come to use first is preferred. However, we have recovered data where other companies have tried and failed, such as Busterbuy Geeksquakers, unlicensed OfficeSupply computer breakers, and other companies too. We are licensed to recover your data. We will do our best and everything we can to recover your digitially stored memories. Prices starting at $300 and up.

Hard Drive Size and Age of Device?

Professional Experience Data Recovery

Succeeding After Others Have Failed

Recovering Hard Drives and More...

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Need Consultation on Backup Services?

Need your backup serviced? Rockwell.Technology does administrative services for systems such as, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Cloud along with other systems.

Not all backups are created equal, and some we do not recommend. Consult Rockwell.Technology so you do not have to go through growing pains of the wrong choice based on your system and people data needs.

Which Data Backup System to use?

Professional Experience for 12+ Years

Consult Rockwell.Technology for Backups

Backup Administrator Management like Dropbox Google Cloud and other

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What People Are Saying

I thought I lost everything. I went to a place and they tried and failed to recover my data. I went to Rockwell.Technology and they recovered my images of my Dad who passed away a few years ago. I so appreciate the Rockwell.Technology data recovery service.

Rebecca S.

At Non-Profits, & Used Personal Data Recovery

I have used Rockwell.Technology for many recovery services. Most recent my hard drive was locked or maybe I forgot the password. Rockwell.Technology was able to get to my data in about 15 minutes so I could move my needed files to a new drive. Highly Recommended!

Chris R.

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