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Website Design, Hosting and Management

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Have a system that is so-so, need to enhance your business web presence game, but don’t know how to start? Leave it up to Rockwell Technology to handle your day to day needs. Web design, hosting consultation help and ongoing management available.

Virus and Spyware Removal and Protection

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Using proven methods for Virus removal Spyware identification and isolation, and ongoing protection Rockwell Technology is here to help. Some of the biggest names in the business use Rockwell Technology proven methods to include Google, Adobe and many others.

Data Migration, Recovery and Backup

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Data migration takes some real skills to do whether its Email or your CRM System. Rockwell Technology has those skills already so you can relax. Were other companies have failed to recover your hard drive, we have a very good success rate and have recovered data after BustedBuy GeekSquakes, or an OfficeSupply company have already failed and broken it more, and are not even licensed for that work. Let us, Rockwell Technology recover your images and documents.

Systems Optimization

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Did you know that you will spend on average 10 minutes a day waiting on your computer? That is not even including updates! Thats 2700 minutes a year, get those future minutes back with a little investment. If you have a work force multiply that out by all that use a computer. Have Rockwell Technology evalutate and implement proven methods for System Optimization which will allow you to get more done throughout the year. Lets talk about your concerns of your company systems.

Systems Infrastructure for Scalability

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Everyone wants Google email, everyone wants Microsoft email, everyone wants a system that works. With Rockwell Technology proven methods, we can have you working more of the time with less cost to maintain your systems than ever before. Join the 21st century with systems that integrate across multiple devices and business intelligence integrations so you can take you company to the next level! 

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

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Its a whole wide world of search engine optimization out there. Let’s get you found and in harmony with modern SEO from a company that does it best. Balancing machine learning with human readable material is tricky, but Rockwell Technology has the experience to succeed. SEO is available as an ongoing service.

iPhone and iPad Screen Replacement

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Remember iPhone 3GS? We sure do! that is how we started repairing cell phones after all. Rockwell Technology works on: iphone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPads of all models and years. Allow us to help you and get on with you device! All quotes are for parts and labor for repairs of these devices. Pricing starting at just $60 per repair replacement. Let us know the model number you have.

Laptop | Desktop Repair & Maintenance

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At cost of parts and hourly price, let us fix your IT assets, trouble shooting & upgrade services also available. Get your system running much faster. Rockwell Technology approach saves you 10 Minutes a day multiplied by 270 working days is 2700 minutes per year, what can you do with that time not waiting for updates, loading, downloads, or system startup? Talk to us about your end user needs. Think how that efficiency will effect the bottom line multiplied out for all employees?

Logo Creation

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Your Logo is your brand and how the world first sees and identifies with you. You need a logo that is solid, represents your area of work and the locality you serve. We are here to help starting at $399 for logos.

Specialized in Act to SugarCRM Migration Customization & Maintenance

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Need better management and enhancements to your Customer Relationship Management database system? Professional Live Experience with SugarCRM customization and code changes enhancement. Successful Act to SugarCRM Migration experience using an ETL system. Initial consultation starting at $599. Utilize Rockwell Technology so you can avoid any mistakes or problems, and get up and running when you exceed usage of Act CRM.

Google Cloud Systems Administrator Services

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Need a Google Cloud Systems Administrator? Pay only for the time Rockwell Technology actually administers your system, A le carte style availability, user creation deletion data handling and user system audit along with project roll out management.  Charged and billed on invoice at agreed upon rates.

Software Programming & Project Management

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Over 15 Years of different project management experience levels from Military project operations to direct business support of the CEO and Company Vision to help grow business from small to medium size. A varity of skills acquired from IT support for small hospitals, construction businesses, to sales and service focused companies. Rockwell Technology is your single source solution company. Have a project but don’t know how to talk to programmers or coders? Rockwell Technology is here to help. Starting at $1000 per software coding management project for initial consultation.


What People Are Saying

Fantastic service with one of a kind support. Depth of knowledge is remarkable.


Coffee Roasting Co & Sales Company

Very happy with having Rockwell Technology service and project management experience. I hired Nicholas through them, he was my coding director and product owner, taking the products to the next level and to the customers for over 275+ websites to boot! One we sold for over $2.5 Million!

Chris R.

Owns Too Many Companies to Count

Initially fixed our email system (godaddy, enough said). Built our current systems from the ground up, migrated us from Act to SugarCRM beautifully, and fixed our issues with 3rd party systems for over 5 years.

Denise F.

A Very Happy Roofing Co.

Nicholas at Rockwell TEchnology took our Sales from $450K in 2017 to $1.1 Million in 2018 doing our websites and SEO, online marketing with Google ads and CMS system.

Greg H

An Awning and Shade Company

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